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Professional grade taillight tinting - CHEAP

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Note the sun wasn't directly shining into the lights, but only slightly to the left of the truck.

With just the running lights on:

With the brakes applied:

Sorry for the sucky night shots...I still don't know how to use my wifes camera. These are just the running lights on, I had no one to push the brakes for me. Just know that they'll be brighter than this when applied.

Alright, so I wanted to get my stock taillights tinted and thought about the'ol NiteShade in the can job, but, I didn't want to fuck up my stockers with that crap. To make a long story short, I hooked up with the guy that did Brad's X-Runner, Mike. I contacted him and chatted through emails and a couple of phone calls. He gave me a price I couldn't refuse. After recieving pictures of the final product...I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome. I told him once I get them back and installed, snap some good pictures of them and post them up, I'd see who else would be interested in getting them done.

As far as price goes, Mike told me that it would be better to get a nice group to want to do this at once.

These prices are for one set of lights (both taillights)

1 member = $45 for tinting the whole taillight - $80 to tape off reverse light - PLUS shipping both ways.
10+ members = $40 each (less depending on how many) tinting whole taillight - PLUS shipping both ways.

How dark or light you want it does not effect the price any. Straight forward price.

Contact info:

Michael Blake
Email: [email protected]
Phone #: (407)619-8782 Call or Text

A very easy and nice guy to talk with. Please PM me with any specific questions you may have.
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Do you know how long it takes for him to do it?

I wouldn't mind getting mine done on my mazda but i think it would take way to long for me considering i live in canada:huh:
Yea, Canada I'm not sure. You'd have to contact him directly on that one. He took about a week on mine, only cause he was on vacation, which he told me about, plus I told him to take his time since I had an extra pair to slap on the truck. To be safe, expect the lights to be gone for at least 7 days but again, you'll have to ask him directly.

I wish I had the pics he sent me on my home computer...I'll have to get them on here tomorrow from my work computer. They look glossy as hell. :mullet:
Oh I also wanted to add that the tint mix he uses hardly effects the light output from stock. It seems dark, but doesn't block the light as much as NiteShades or other similar tinting products do, plus they look a hellava lot better! I'm debating on getting my headlights smoked, but am having second thoughts on that.
Hey Mike, glad you could make it over here. Killer work bro....I'm digging the Red tinted lights too....they look good on a red truck. :mullet: Let me know if I need to add anything to the first post. :drive:

another thing, from experience, I do not tint headlights or foglights. the reason is because the minor rock-chips that create craters in the lights will cause the tint to look abnormal and weird and I don't enjoy that look. I'm very picky and won't do something that i don't think someone would enjoy

I did forget to mention this though.....I was really set on doing this, but after you told me that it would look like shit after a few drives...I'm leaning towards not doing it. :huh: I just got some smoked light covers, so that might be enough for me.

Pics on first post.
Very nice boom
Thanks bro! :mullet:

Remember fella's
They do look dark as hell...but the light comes though them like stock. Ive had no issues. If need be, me or Boom fist can get some Night pics of them to show them at night
I was already planning on it. I'll try to get some posted up later today or no later than tomorrow.

May be a little more than niteshade, but its ALOT less work and ALOT better light out put but you wont be disappointed!
Absolutely, no contest......you might be able to get the NiteShade to look like this, but for the time and effort you put towards it...I'd rather spend the $55-$60 to have them done right.

Again, PM either me or dak-rt-2a-XR if you need further info. :mullet:
can we get some pics at night? i have tail light covers now and they are dark as hell. and if these are just as light and see-through as you say they are, then I will definetly be doing mine too.
Absolutely....I'll be getting them by the weekend. Check back in a little. :wave:
those are just slightly darker then mine, but they look awesome! who did u use?
From Michael(wshsbears), ^^ posted up towards the top of this thread ^^ Kickass work.
Sweet.....TTT. Get'em while it's cheap!!! Local shops want to charge anywhere from $80-$120. That's around here anyway, so this deal is def saving you $20+.
Bump guys, get a good deal while helping a good guy make some extra dough. :D
:bump: Anyone still interested?!?!?
oh shit i was suppost to send my package to him last week.i got to get up north & grab it.its already boxed up.thanks for reminding me.
Get on it slacker!!!!! :D :wave:
Bumping to the top. No one else is interested then???
just got my pics back from mike.they look great i think.cant wait to get them on.but i have another idea with them before they go on..& disregard the line in the middle of the thrid brake light,he said it was a reflection in the garage.
Looks good bro! I know I'm still happy with mine. I still haven't upgraded to Red LED bulbs yet but I will soon. :mullet:
why you want to get red led bulbs?.im going to paint my trim red i think
I'm pretty sure that I read about White LED bulbs not producing the same light output as a Red LED bulb through a Red lensed taillight. :huh: So I'll get Red.

here they are before the trim is painted
Looking good bro. Trim them ho's up!
BUMP for this thread...get your tails tinted!
just for your info on painting the trim.well first of all your truck is black so no sence in it.& second of all not to bad mouth mikes work because it looks great but when i maksed my tails after the tint process it peeled off in a few spots & now looks like shit..& it was painters tape & only on for one night.(the tape that is) & i did this about a month after i got them back.i dont think he scuffs them or use promoter so the tint doesnt stick that well.but id say just get them done & dont paint the trim.
Sorry to hear about them peeling bro. I can't complain one bit with mine. I've had mud, dirt, and everything else on the lights and they don't have one scratch on them after washing them off. I'm very happy with mine. You can't beat the price on them.

Stop lolly-gagging and get your shit tinted!
Bump.......it's been awhile. :wave:
I am interested in getting my lights tinted, Let me know if mike is still doing them
Not being a dick, but his contact info is posted up in this thread. You can contact him yourself to see if he is still tinting.
Looking for night pics..Where are they? im mildly interested myself
Ummm....night pics have been on the first post. :huh:
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