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Prerunner GenII

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Most of you know me from my old truck..A custom built R/T..Good from afar but far from good..Truck was dismantled, and thrown to a wrecking yard..

So heres the new rig..1995 GenII Dakota 2wd..

Just want to clarify yes my truck is ugly..With us its function over fashion first..Not just going for the look!

So lets get started..First off he hacked off the front end, cut the frame and replated it..And on went a set of ibeams off of a 1979 F150 5lug..Beams were extended 4" per side..After being in the scene you get over wanting the gnar factor of hugely extended parts haha..

Next went the rear end..Bye bye Dodge rear end!! On went a 8.8 w/4:11s off of a 1980s Bronco..

Picked up the front fiberglass for it, soon to be mounted..Took the bed off and pulled the bedside 4.5"s per side..Had to cut them as well..I have a retarded gap in between the cab and bed now but who cares, at least it covers the tires..

Next went on 35" BFGs on 15" Centerlines..Picked up some 12" Fox coilovers for the front end..Threw on some old longer Bilsteins I had laying around for the rearend..

Need to get a custom driveshaft made, coilovers mounted and then the re-teardown to finish welding and painting all parts..

The plan after that: Drive it like I stole it for a few months, pick up a single or ext cab R/T and finish the work on my GenII..

Future plans include cutting the roof and installing a full bumper to interior cage, basic bedcage w.under the bed 4link so I have the bed useage..Then bondo work on passenger side and paint..

The DD R/T will get a good amount of work as well after the GenII is finished..

Heres a pic or two:

when the beams went on >

the re-tear down to work on other shiz >

current status >

and for some fun heres my play toy for now:

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door replaced = check.

today comes the new windshield.
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Well its been awhile, but finally have some updates.

Friend of mine hooked up with new steering and an awesome tube bumper w/skid. Next on the list is a tuneup, tires and custom grille.


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hey man, that's a nice looking truck! what offset are those wheels??
hey man, that's a nice looking truck! what offset are those wheels??
Let me correct you *woman
Whoops! boy is my face red. :sorry: Meant no disrespect... but the question stands. What's that offset?
I love the truck! Nice build.
Thank you..yep still around...just had some life stuff happen so truck money had to be used..but back up and going at a steady pace :)
121 - 128 of 128 Posts
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