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Post a pic of your ride as it sits

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I saw this on DRTC and thought it was a cool idea. Post a pic of it sitting in your garage getting worked on or apart. Whatever.
The other day


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Here's mine from Saturday after I had the bumper line-xd.
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Very nice. I love lowered quad cabs.
That durango would look badass lifted with some 35's on it.
@99 rango 18. Really liking your D. Yours kinda makes me miss mine when it was lowered.
All tucked in and ready for bed.
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Headed up North last weekend to the Mogollon Rim to escape the Phoenix heat. Beautiful weather and scenery although we got rained out Sunday morning.

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My poor Durango has been demoted to parking in the driveway since I got the srt.

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Are those mirrors direct bolt on?
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