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Post a pic of your ride as it sits

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I saw this on DRTC and thought it was a cool idea. Post a pic of it sitting in your garage getting worked on or apart. Whatever.
The other day


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After a quick wash saturday..

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She's off the jackstands and almost ready to go. Just a few things to finish up tomorrow and then I can fire her up. :mullet:

Its great too see her back down again ,i know you were close before and had to switch,hope everything goes according to plan this time...Truck looks great...:bow:
I know its a 360,but cant remeber what all you did dave to it,or is it stock more or less??
Haha yeah looks like I wont be getting much of a discount so I might just keep the dirtytracs for now and save up for exhaust. I want to do a magnaflow hi-flow cat and either a dynomax bullet or dynomax ultraflow and put an electric cutout before the muffler haha
I was about to go with dual dynomax ultra flows,and to be honest(this is for me personally) after i heard spintech prostreets on our trucks it sold me and i got rid of the ultra flows.
This is how she sat last saturday,all cleaned up and no where to go,she got sold the following tuesday..

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Hory crap,,glad their alright dude,did you find out what caused this to happen??
Glad I got that before I ended up going dynomax cause man that spintech sounds good! Do you have a vid of yours? In the vids it seems like it's not loud unless you punch it which is what I want. Do they make a single in dual out muffler? If not, I am sure my exhaust guy would have no issues making a split.

start up

while driving at about 1/4 throttle

and finally using my rear mounted camera..

Sorry but my camera is crappy and doesnt do the sound justice,had a really nice rumble when started up,and when you got on it everyone knew it as they would all be sitting and watching waiting for me to pass..

Same as i had..

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