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Post a pic of your ride as it sits

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I saw this on DRTC and thought it was a cool idea. Post a pic of it sitting in your garage getting worked on or apart. Whatever.
The other day


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After a quick wash saturday..
good looking ram
where'd you get those taillight covers?a pair would look good on my bro's flat black ram..
Dak on fire looking pretty good what hood is that?
reflexxion steel cowl.
i wish i had that mess of tools and equipment in MY garage!
Thanks. It normally stands out more, but I forgot to polish up the tip lol.
no one likes a dirty tip..
Yup, she's back on the ground finally. It looks really high because it's the stock springs with short tires. Once she's running, I'll drop her back down. :eek:nethumb:
ahhh, i figured if it was you'd do something for it:drive:
Definitely. She should end up a lil lower than when I had the Hotchkis TVS.
that'll look awesome with them ccw's:stirthepo
read like two posts below those pics..
CCW SP550s, 19x10s all around with 285/35 Hankooks. :eek:nethumb:
are those cal vu's on there too?
are those stock size tires? they look so tiny with a lift lol.

also i think removing the roof rack may get you a lil mpg.
thats a joke right?
Not really...every person i know that installed one on their vehicle saw a decrease in mpg.
were they carrying a sofa?
Aerodynamics my young man. The only true way would be to test the vehicle in a wind tunnel.
thanks, had no idea...

two small rounded bars will do nothing...go ahead and test it...even though i know no one will.:sorry:
it'll make more wind noise than anything, would be unoticable for the mpgs..
Thanks guys already in the works! Haha ordering up the lift blocks tonight then gonna crank the torsion bars, should be doing it next weekend.
has the front of your truck ever been hit?
1 - 20 of 2338 Posts
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