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Post a pic of your ride as it sits

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I saw this on DRTC and thought it was a cool idea. Post a pic of it sitting in your garage getting worked on or apart. Whatever.
The other day


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Holy nice garage minus the mess. I'm with 98, wish I had a garage like that to cause a mess!
Yeah I was talking to you. I like it. Any pics of it closed? Sharp looking truck man
That hood looks familiar.

DakOnFire -> You're the one who bought that damn reflexxion out from under my on c/l a few weeks back huh? ...dammit!
Huh? I bought it from fastdango months ago

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.734853,-73.276580
What hood is that? got more pics? love the look of your rig except the stance.... rear sagging?
scoop looks cool from the profile... is it functional or did you just bolt that on?
Pic of my first official day of ownership, paid off the loan and got the title in the mail today.

Great looking truck, live the color... This makes me want to upgrade to a ram
heres mine, some fresh paint on her
Big fan of the tailgate with black in the middle. Did it to mine too

Repainted the steel part of my front bumper. Went with flat black. Maybe doing the grille tomorrow
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is it just me or is your tailgate slightly not matching the rest of your truck?

and you tell me to take the wing off! lol
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