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Post a pic of your ride as it sits

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I saw this on DRTC and thought it was a cool idea. Post a pic of it sitting in your garage getting worked on or apart. Whatever.
The other day


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DakOnFire.. Wanna donate me your hood? :funny:
Wife wanted a Ford so I had to give up the rango and am now driving the Grand Am again.
Poor guy.
Never gets old.... Love seeing pics of your front end..... No ****
Can look all you want, no touching though. :funny::funny:
As I walked out to it this morning:

actually the tread is really good, hard to get a good pic of it, didn't think about a penny or something but here..
Those tires are definitely worn. Overinflated it looks like because the center is just about gone, as you can see by the wear bar in the middle.

I just put a set of those Sumitomo HTR Z's on my Conquest, and they have a good solid half inch deep center grove.

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Yes, '69 Road Runner 4-speed. Post car w/ pop out rear windows. Building a stroker 440 for it right now. 499ci with forged internals.
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