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looking to get a set of heads from South East RT...just wondering what kind of performance numbers a nice set of heads would add to a combination of other bolt ons...1.7s, m1, tb, pcm, catback, fipk, tri Y headers...

ps. I'm looking to conserve low end...so I'm not at all interested in the 2.02's

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Ask John

Well my man, since you are planning on getting them from John, why not just ask him ? He can tell you. I have dealt with John, and I know more about him than most. Hes a great guy, and always looks out to help other Dakota enthusiasts. You should be a 13 second truck. I have a set of the 1.92 heads, and they are beautifully done.

Call John,

813 - 503 - 8069 He would be glad to talk to you.

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