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Eh, get some Champion plug wires from Napa. They are wicked 8mm with the BEST DESIGN I have ever seen. They have a LARGE Silicon boot, with a ceremic insolator end... I can't really explain it, but ask to see a set, and you'll know what I mean.

They don't list them for the newer Dakotas (atleast they didn't used to) but ask for a set for a 93 318 Dak, I had em on my pop's 98 360 Ram along with every Dakota I've ever owned. Best plug wires I've ever run!

Make sure you get BRASS cap n rotor and you'll be fine. Of course Napa is the best, cause I work there :wave:

Autolite 3924s are the deallly in Magnum motors. Everyone runs em, and I've never heard a bad thing about em! Get em!
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