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I liked the Mopar Performance wires, but they're getting hard to find, and extremely pricey. My dealer located a set and they were over $70!
They looked cool, and had the cylinder numbers on them, so installation was a breeze.

Otherwise, Magnecor wires can't be beat, but they are expensive as well.

I recently found NAPA's Belden Max wire set, and they look very very promising. Excellent quality boots, and the same internal construction as all the "performance" wires. They too are a nifty blue color full silicone jacket just like the expensive counterparts. They were <$40 for my 5.2 Grand Cherokee.
These might just be the best factory replacement wires available without going to a performance brand like Accel, MSD, Magnecor, etc. I'm extremely impressed with them.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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