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I have a 2003 Durango R/T and want to upgrade the PCM with a performance one. What I have done was purchased a used 2003 Durango R/T PCM from an online junkyard, now my questions are:

1. Which is better overall, MIKE LEACH PCM flash or the B&G PCM flash, I am not looking for ultimate Peak HP or Torque, I want the best overall driveability, power, etc.

2. Since this is not the stock PCM, I have heard that I would need to have either the dealer, B&G, or Mike Leach reprogram my VIN and mileage to the new performance PCM is this true ??

3. What happens to my vehicle mileage if I have been using the Performance PCM and then go to the dealer for serivce and switch back to the Stock PCM, will it my vehicle have the same mileage or will the stock PCM have the mileage that it last remembered when I took it out and swapped in the Performance PCM, which may be hundreds or even thousands of miles difference, etc.

Thanks for any info and God Bless. :)
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