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PCM questions 3.9 to 5.2

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I'm currently working on a swap from a 2002 3.9L AT 2WD quad cab to a 5.2L out of a 98 ram. I've been scouring forums and cannot obtain a straight answer as to what I need to make this work correctly. I'm adding the two injectors and adapting the sensors to the 3.9 harness.

I'm also changing the transmission from the 42RE to the 46RE that was behind the 5.2.

What pcm do I need to be searching for? A 2002 5.9 quad cab? Just a 5.9? Will a pcm prior to 2000 work?
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A 2002 with the 5.9 would definitely be the easiest way to go would be plug and play.
I've read conflicting posts, does the trim level matter when selecting a pcm? I've located a vin for a 2002 5.9 RT AT. My truck is a SLT quad cab though. Should that effect anything negatively?
Sub model shouldn't matter. Transmission might. Before 2005 the pcms weren't vin specific as far as I remember.
So my 42re is garbage too, I have the first 3 gears and nothing else. I was going to swap the trans too, what I got (I believe) is a 46re (considering that was standard for rams). Everything I've seen so far Looks like it will be a plug and play. You wouldn't happen to know if that would be true, would you?
Shouldn't be to hard although they did make changes in 2000 to several things. As long as you have the pcm that ran the engine and trans from the ram you shouldn't have too many issues. I'd swap out the wiring harnesses too.
Sounds like you have all the info your needing then. Hope it goes well.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts