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I have a 2001 Dakota 3.9, swaping a 5.9 into it. Was planing on a crate ATK HP73 mopar 5.9, nice EFI intake and all, for a daily. Running 2 wires to the correct pins on the middle white plug on the PCM (i believe the pins are c2 2 & c2 13) for the missing 2 injectors, cylinder 7 & 8. Computer tech is not my feild!! Do i simply buy a used 2001 dakota 5.9 PCM online or at the yard, plug and play? Do i need to or can i retune the 3.9 PCM? All the talk about PCM to your vin, the SKIM Security alarm.. It has me confused where to start with the PCM. I understand from research if you have SKIM, the swap PCM needs it too. How do i know if i have SKIM? Yes i have a factory remote to unlock doors, so does that mean i do have it? I also understand when you buy new/ Refurbished they program it to your vin. Mines a v6 so yea v6 vin.

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated
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