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so i've been on the fence about this for i dont know how long...........over a year easy, but i came across what i think is a good deal and am ganna run with it, guy is selling a semi built 78 bronco, (i'll show you the pics of the semi-built part) hopefully this friday i'll be picking up some stuff that he wants for us to make a trade, i'm spendin mabye 400-500 total, heres the pics of the rig

everything there is included along with-

-Used fuel tank with straps and everything
-steering link brand new
-Used motor,tranny,and transfer case
-Bronco rear hard top(good condition)
-Full brand new body bushing kit $199
-3" Body lift kit $120

Parts installed -
-Steering gear(rebuilt)
-C bushings $29
-Dana arm bushings $19
-Trac bar busings $11
-Front diff gasket $4
-D44 mile marker hubs $63
-D44 timken wheels bearings with hub seals $48
-Coil springs 9" lift $169
-Front sway bar drop link bushings $5
-Rear sway bar bushings $20
-Left and right outer tie rods $112
-Front Brake lines $43
-Front caliper hardware kit $12
-Spring bolts $5
-Spindle bearings $10
-Leaf spring bushings $53
-Misc. bolts $53

any thoughts?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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