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Hey guys!

just sold my dakota and have a slew of parts left over!

2400 RMP stall torque convertor for a 46re transmission. (rebuilt locally at A & C Transmission, Precision Torque Converters)
$150 obo

Spintech true dual exhaust kit with magna-flow mufflers. o2 sensor bungs installed
$350 obo

Mopar PPH mid tube headers
$450 obo

Fastman 02 sensor sims with o2 sensor harness pigtails so you dont have to cut any stock wiring. ( if someone buys the headers and exhaust i will throw these in for them)

Hotchkiss front drop springs
Pt# 19810079
$175 obo

Trans go Shift kit
Pt # TFOD HD2 (46re Transmission)
$100 obo

Yukon 4.56 g ears for a 9.25 rear end.
Pt# YG C9.25-456
$200.00 obo

Prices are OBo as i need to get them out of my garage!
Pref local sale / pickup.

Pics can be seen on my kijiji link

Please feel free to email if interested as i rarely frequent the site!



Email: traveen @ Gmail.c o m

Text / Call: Seven/eight/zero/five/zero/four/two/two/one/seven
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