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Parting out/ selling a Gen 3 Dakota

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Hey guys, Sad day. I think its time to say goodbye to "Roxie" she was parked a number of years ago when I purchased a jeep. in that time a brake line rotted out on me. I was hoping to get a chance to fix it and get this truck back on the road but we renovated our entire house, and this past winter a family of mice made the interior their home. That and the combination of purchasing a new Ram has me convinced I will never get back to this truck.

I am looking to put out some feelers to see if there is still enough interest in the Gen 3s that people would be interested in parts or even potentially purchasing the whole thing.

the basics of the truck are as follows
regular cab, short bed, 2WD, 5 speed 5.2L V8. the truck has some extras from a MSD ignition, electric fan mod, cold air intake, cowl induction hood, sound system with custom sub box. stock rims and tires, 17 chrome wheels with BF Goodrich KDWs. and all the other parts that are typical on these trucks.

Let me know if there is anyone that is interested and I will get some pictures up. some of the old pictures on in the link below

Located in the Portland Maine area.
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PM sent

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