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Part-Specific Photos: Brakes

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This thread is being configured for people to post pictures of aftermarket brakes installed on their trucks. Please add photos even if there is another truck with the same item in the thread - it can be very helpful to see how this product looks with various body colors and other modifications.

If you need assistance with posting photos, see this FAQ:
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Here's some pics of 03 durango brakes installed on my 2000 Dakota 4WD.



How they look behind my 20" KMC Stealth wheels:


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@jellyhead Was that a pretty easy conversion? Specifically the caliper brackets and parking brake stuff. Thanks.
The front was very easy, once I installed the durango front spindles, everything else just bolted on normally. The rear wasn't that easy, since I used the whole rear axle from a 2003 durango I needed to remove the spring perches and shock mounts and weld them on the other side of the axle. The ebrake was kind of a challenge. I was able to use the durango left side cable but it needed to be modified. I had to make clevice to use the original dakota right side cable because the durango housing was way too long. I also needed to cut the cables and use a ferrule tool to get the cables to the proper length.

The rears were more cosmetic than an actual upgrade. most of the improvement in braking was due to the dual piston durango front calipers
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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