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Painted Dash?

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Anyone custom painted their factory dash? Im thining about doing mine in my 02 Durango. If anyone has any pics of their dash, it would be great. Preferably the 01-03 style dash, but any would be appreciated.
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painted dash

Yeah man, I have done it. I purchased a dash off of Ebay and sand it smooth and painted white. Sorry no pics, but catch me at Bash @ the Beach.
Sure thing, Ill be there. Whats ur Durango look like? And are you showing it or just spectating?

I'll be showing, even if it will be with a damaged rim. Its white with tribal window graphics and 20" Intro Spike 6 rims and lowered 3". It won't be hard to miss. Keep on truckin, later.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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