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Overheating Durango

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I have a 2000 Durango 5.9 R/T island car that I grabbed for $2500. It's been run pretty hard. It's had some serious overheating issues. It's been flushed, changed the thermostat, new heater hoses and drained and refilled. It'll run fine for a bit then it'll start overheating again. I can usually tell when it's gonna start doing it because the heater will go out and blow cold air into the cabin...in winter....in Alaska. This most recent time, I think might be the thermostat even though it's rather new. Due to the fact that it started to blow hot air out of the heater then went cold then hot again for a second then cold again. I'm really sick of chasing my tail on this and am looking for an actual solve that I can do on my own. Im sick of taking it to a mechanic. Any thoughts as to what the overall issue might be?
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Before you spend any money on chasing that issue you need to do a block test. It checks for exhaust gases in the coolant. Almost any mechanic shop can do it and it is very inexpensive. Auto parts stores usually have a kit to do it yourself as well. You need to rule out the head gasket before you waste money chasing the issue. Hope that helps.
I wonder if someone put that sealer crap in it and there are pieces of that crap stuck and floating around in the system
More than likely sorry to hear that. That's a dirtbag move for sure if so. Let us know how the head gasket test comes back. Also if the head gasket test comes back negative, test the radiator cap you would be surprised when they fail they act the same as a head gasket.
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