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bg99rt said:
So I Was Just Drivin Along Yesterday When My "check Gauges" Light Come On....i Immediately Looked Down ....my Temp Was At 260!!! I Was Like Noooooo So I Pulled Over. When I Pulled Ove It Started To Smoke Really Bad ... I Let It Cool Down For About An Hour(took A Nap Lol) Then Started It Up And Tried To Drive Off And It Went Right Back Up To 260 Again! So I Called And My Uncle Brought Me Some Water. In The Mean Time My Water Pump Was Making The Most Horrifying Noise Ever!! So I Finally Got It Back To My House! I Really Hope That My Block Or Heads Arent Cracked! I Will Be Pissed But I Should Have Called Roadside Assistance In The First Place But I Was Only About 2 Miles From My House..... I Reallly Hope Nothing Major Is Wron ... Wish Me Luck! I Would Hate To See The Old Dak Rt Go Down!!!
Ouch, hopefully you didn't crack anything. It's probably your head gasket, I had to replace mine last month. I was lucky and the leak wasn't too major and didn't go past 230.
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