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thunderchild said:
If you think it is your overdrive then this may help. Pull your codes and see if you get P0700. This is what I got on my first D. When you step on the gas sometimes it feels like it is slipping or sluggish. I had this happen to me and my only recourse according to the dealer was a new tranny. This is because you cannot get an overdrive unit seperate from the tranny. they are integral parts of one another. :drive:

I seem to remember about 3 months ago regarding this same issue. My Durango does this also mostly in the mornings initially. My thoughts and others was that the flywheel is heavy and needs to be turning. Once it's warmed-up so to speak it should be fine til you park it for a while and start it up again. If anyone disagrees my oly suggestion would be to have Chrysler see what they say about it. Minus their opinion that it needs a new tranny. To suggest that is a cop-out!

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