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DakotaLivLrg said:
No really tried to use it today since it was like 80 degress in phx and 70+ in Tucson and no cold air ...whats the first thing to check for? feron (sp) right? yeah have no clue how to check that ..lol but I need help on getting it fixed now so that I don't forget it and summer comes around...lol which is like feb in PHX...lol but any help would be great . I have replaced the A/c blower a few years back and the A/C evap coler a few years back as well so .. were do i start?
First, you want to check for leaks. You can take it in to a reputable A/C shop, or, if you want to "do-it-yourself" I belive Walmart sells kits for repairing A/C systems. They have kits that come with gages and the coolant as a package. They are not alot of $$$ either. If you want to have a shop do it for you, check the shop with the BBB (better buisiness buero) so you know your not gonna get screwed. You want it done right when driveing in 130* weather. :biggthump
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