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Oil pan replacment on a 4.7

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I just found out the oil pan in my 2000 Dakota is rusted thru and leaking oil. Is it a major job to replace it like I have to remove the engine? Anyone have this problem before? What are the fixes if any?
Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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The lower ball joints suck ass to do. I tried to do then myself but the AutoZone ball joint press rent a tool would not budge them. So I had to pull the lower A arms; which is a royal PITA; and take them to a shop. The shop I went to broke their 10 ton hyd press trying to push them out so they had to heat the A-arms cherry red and pound them out. They had another Durango in there and they had problems with it too. Rust is a bitch on cast iron a arms.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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