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Oil pan replacment on a 4.7

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I just found out the oil pan in my 2000 Dakota is rusted thru and leaking oil. Is it a major job to replace it like I have to remove the engine? Anyone have this problem before? What are the fixes if any?
Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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you 2wd or 4wd , i know for sure you can just lift it on a 2wd and get it off had to do it to replace the oil pump
My bad, Its a 4x4 its got 198K on it.
Im afraid it would have to come out. Im sure the exhaust is rusted along with all the bolts and it wont be an easy job. I have an engine lift and all the tools.
.....I was hoping I could just unbolt the mounts and lift it up enough.....
So I know its been a while but I am finally ready to take on this task. I also need to replace the lower balljoints and bushings so I may as well do at the same time.
Has any one on here actually done this before? what exactly is involved?
Yes I am in need of a good oil pan what does one cost?
What else should I do while I am doing this project? The engine has 203K on it but still runs strong.
Thanks for all your help guys!
P.S. anyone in CT wanna help for beer?:D
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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