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Oil change frequency w/ Royal Purple oil?

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I heard all the rave about Royal Purple engine oil so a few months back I bought a few quarts and thought I'd give it a try albeit it was the most expensive engine at Pep Boys. So far I put in over 4K miles since the oil change. I was once told by a mechanic that I can run 6K miles on full synthetic oil. Can I put in anouther 2K miles before my next oil change? Before using synthetic I'd just buy the cheap Proline oil/filter and have an oil change every 3K miles.

Also, my family and I will be traveling from SoCal to the Bay Area for Christmas, what's the best tire pressure for cross-state traveling? :drive:

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :mullet:

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First, you are responding to a 15 year old post. The OP hasn't been here in 8 years.

Secondly, have you noticed that even in modern cars, the manufacturer makes no distinction regarding oil change intervals -- between synthetic oils and conventional oils?

Fact is, it's not the brand or type of oil itself that determines the change interval, it's the engine. How much blow-by does that engine design exhibit? And how much does it have now when you've got 150K on it? I don't expect an answer. What is the oil operating temperature? What kind of PCV and EGR systems does it have? What kind of fuel are you using? What kind of driving are you doing? Are you towing? Are you lead-footed?These are things that affect the usable life span of the oil. Expensive oil does not get less contaminated than cheap oil. And even better oil filters only get the chunks -- none get the contaminants out, those are molecule sized.

I guess I have to get on my soapbox again. CHANGE YOUR OIL AT THE MANUFACTURER'S RECOMMENDED INTERVALS. They were not joking in the users manual. The intervals are designed to keep your engine from being exposed to contaminated oil too much/too long..... it's all a compromise. Cleaner oil == longer life. Period.

This is basic stuff. I work for a vehicle manufacturer.
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Read the warranty. It covers defects in the product, and damages caused to equipment by the product. Not gonna cover your engine if it seizes up, because there is no way for you to prove that the oil caused the failure. Nor will the oil prevent engine failure if the engine is already compromised. It's all marketing. Is it good oil? Sure, but not materially different from other synthetic oils. Not some super magic mystery oil.
Hey, I use synthetic oil myself, and every vehicle we build ships with synthetic oil. Just saying Royal Purple, Amsoil, and the like, are not materially different from other synthetic oils. It all marketing. We work closely with lubricant suppliers in formulating oils for our engines. Our applications require oil formulations beyond the requirements of automakers. It's the additive packages that change. Just remember who is trying to sell you expensive oil, and who isn't. That tech doesn't give 2 shits about your engine.
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