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Oil change frequency w/ Royal Purple oil?

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I heard all the rave about Royal Purple engine oil so a few months back I bought a few quarts and thought I'd give it a try albeit it was the most expensive engine at Pep Boys. So far I put in over 4K miles since the oil change. I was once told by a mechanic that I can run 6K miles on full synthetic oil. Can I put in anouther 2K miles before my next oil change? Before using synthetic I'd just buy the cheap Proline oil/filter and have an oil change every 3K miles.

Also, my family and I will be traveling from SoCal to the Bay Area for Christmas, what's the best tire pressure for cross-state traveling? :drive:

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :mullet:

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I typically change it out after about 2 or 3 filter replacements .... so anywhere around 6 - 9 thousand. (it stays in longer during the winter when I don't have a garage :cussing: )
while the family and I were traveling cross country this summer I had scheduled to change oil I went from RP to M-1 because I couldn't find any royal P in stock anywhere.

My observation was that the royal purple held up far better at 4500 mi. it looked less polluted and felt more viscous than the m-1 after the same amount of miles. I know sticking ones finger in your oil is not a very high tech method of comparsion. :jester: but sometimes you cant help it. :banana2:

needless to say I dumped the m-1 in favor the royal purple once we got home. and plan on keeping it.
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