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Oil change frequency w/ Royal Purple oil?

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I heard all the rave about Royal Purple engine oil so a few months back I bought a few quarts and thought I'd give it a try albeit it was the most expensive engine at Pep Boys. So far I put in over 4K miles since the oil change. I was once told by a mechanic that I can run 6K miles on full synthetic oil. Can I put in anouther 2K miles before my next oil change? Before using synthetic I'd just buy the cheap Proline oil/filter and have an oil change every 3K miles.

Also, my family and I will be traveling from SoCal to the Bay Area for Christmas, what's the best tire pressure for cross-state traveling? :drive:

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :mullet:

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47SLTDuRide said:
I've since been running R/T rims with 275/60/17 Falkens.

As far as Royal Purple oil, too expensive. I'm gonna use another less expensive synthetic oil next time.
If your going to be out on the highway, crank the air pressure near max. The tire will wear better, and you'll have less of a 'contact patch' thus less resistance, better milage (true only by like .5 MPG er so..) but still better. I run mine at like 32 Lbs all around. If the max pressure is like say 45 PSi on the tire sidewall, I'd run like ~40.

Royal Purple is expensive. I can't say that it's any better than any other synth for any reason. I've heard that to be called a 'synth oil' you only have to have a certian percentage (like 60%) synth! Royal Purple (Unlike Mobil 1) is 100% syn. I run mine for around 6K. Filter too. Never had any problems. I also get it at 10% over cost (thanks to Napa) so it's only like $3.40 a quart.
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