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Oil change frequency w/ Royal Purple oil?

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I heard all the rave about Royal Purple engine oil so a few months back I bought a few quarts and thought I'd give it a try albeit it was the most expensive engine at Pep Boys. So far I put in over 4K miles since the oil change. I was once told by a mechanic that I can run 6K miles on full synthetic oil. Can I put in anouther 2K miles before my next oil change? Before using synthetic I'd just buy the cheap Proline oil/filter and have an oil change every 3K miles.

Also, my family and I will be traveling from SoCal to the Bay Area for Christmas, what's the best tire pressure for cross-state traveling? :drive:

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :mullet:

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heard people put over 10,000 miles on syn oil. but they all get their oil analized to have it checked out. but 6,000 I really sont see a prob. goto this site and ask the question over there they know it all when it comes to oil.

bob is the oil guy

this would be your best bet

as far as tire pressure what ever is on your door plate. under and over inflation is bad on a tire and can be dangerous. so if its 35PSI then go with 35 PSI
99durango318 said:
I try not to take risks with mine, I use Mobil one and Royal purpel, I Alternate than at 3000 mile intervils.....But i just put in that new Mobil one clean 7500 mile stuff, ill take it to 5000 miles before oil change
if you change the syn oil every 3K miles. your justwasting money. and should just use dino oil. 5K would be the time I would change syn oils. I am about ready to try some german castrol Syntec 0w-30 suppose to be some really good oil. as it not made in the USA but imported from germany.
Ace said:
wait, how do u change a filter without taking all the oil out first? or do u take all the oil out then put it back in? little confused

Ace you can take your filter off and only loose under a QT of oil. whats in the filter and whats left in the line to the filter. it wont drain all your oil. as your filter is higher than your oil pan.
UsRanger11B1V said:
I would just stick to Mobile one syn. oil. Question, what is the difference in the 5000,7500, and the 10,000 mile oil,beside price?

Out here.

basically the additive package from what I read
hate to tell you but mobil 1 is a pure syn oil. you better check that again. castrol syntec is not a 100 % syn. the only pure syn is the 0w-30 german castrol. .

mobil 1 is a group 4 basestock and is 100% syn oil. where redline is a group 5 basestock which is better than group 4 but you pay alot more. group 3 and lower are your reg oil basestocks. so what you posted is wrong and you should edit it so people in here dont take it as the truth. so you should do some research before posting stuff online. I pulled all this info off of bobistheoilguy . if you still think M-1 isnt a 100% pure syn oil. go in there and post that but I warn you they will blast you for not doing your homework :rofl:
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