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Oil change frequency w/ Royal Purple oil?

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I heard all the rave about Royal Purple engine oil so a few months back I bought a few quarts and thought I'd give it a try albeit it was the most expensive engine at Pep Boys. So far I put in over 4K miles since the oil change. I was once told by a mechanic that I can run 6K miles on full synthetic oil. Can I put in anouther 2K miles before my next oil change? Before using synthetic I'd just buy the cheap Proline oil/filter and have an oil change every 3K miles.

Also, my family and I will be traveling from SoCal to the Bay Area for Christmas, what's the best tire pressure for cross-state traveling? :drive:

Any help and advice will be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas! :mullet:

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Right on fellas!

Oil change should be about due by the time I get back from the Christmas travel. Thanks again guys! Merry Christmas! :mullet:

damn....i'm traveling in my dak from So Cal to bay area also :biggthump
my sister lives in Hercules. Havn't seen her new place since she lived in Concord.
changed my oil less than 600miles ago :biggthump
Get out of here! We're driving directly to Hercules from LA,too! My wife and I have relatives there. What a small world. You driving your Dak up there? Hey, if you see a white lowered Durango with 17" R/T rims, missing roof rack, that's mine. Anyway, SLVRBLT, hope you have a safe trip and Merry Christmas! :drive: :mullet:

Same goes to you :biggthump I'll be with my dad so i'll probably be in the slow lane :cussing: I'll be heading out of Ventura so I'll have a little head start :drive:
You driving with your dad? Just picked up my father-in-law from LAX this morning. He just told me he has a prostate condition so he'll be using the bathroom often. :cussing: Damn! Now I know we'll get there longer than it should take...all those bathroom stops! Take care!

rimfire said:

I too have seen Royal Purple at Pep Boys also and never bothered to try it. It is very expensive. I've always used Mobil 1 myself as it's expensive enough for my pocket book. I have wondered how they compare though. Anyone who wants to give us the scoop.

For your cross country trip I usuall keep 35 in the front and 41 in the back according to the instructions on the door. Doing this it's give me 21.2 on the highway but it's not easy to do but it can be done.

Now and then I still think about trying an engine treatment in order to increase MPG in my "D". I've heard all the pros and cons of doing this but now a days can one stand to lose anything at this point?

Hey RimFire,

Just a little correction. We're only driving up to the Bay Area. I'm not much of a long distance driver so you'll never see me driving cross country. Maybe when I retire some day. But that won't be for a long time!

You mentioned the tire pressure for the front and rear to be 35 and 41 psi, respectively. Does this only apply to the factory tires? My stock tires were 255/65/16 but I've since been running R/T rims with 275/60/17 Falkens.

As far as Royal Purple oil, too expensive. I'm gonna use another less expensive synthetic oil next time.

Thanks for the advice!

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