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OFFICIAL Moore "SRT" style hood group buy! Info inside!

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First let me take the time to explain that I can afford to pay full price for the hood and could order 1 today, but I decided to help out everyone and create a group buy for all the surrounding Dakota sites I post at hoping to save everyone some money, and it being tax return time should make it easier for a few to jump in on the GB and get a deal.

Now lets get down to business!

The hood is made by "Moore Performance Products." Link below

Group buy code is "dfwGB2011" input this code in the Comments or Questions box when checking out, Graham will adjust the pricing, along with shipping (if you have a buddy and have 2 hoods going to the same place let him know in the comments box so he can adjust each persons shipping price)

Moore Performance Products - Official website!

(you will use this website to submit your order, with Group Buy Code, and other information in the "Comments or Questions" box during checkout.)

Hi Chris,

All your group has to do is add the Group buy code "dfwGB2011" in the comments box, I
will alter the final price at this end and email back the revised total,
since our online store software will not recognize any alterations to the
order form when they fill it out.

Thanks for working out the details with me!

Graham @Moore Performance Products.

Below are some photos of the hood. With various options pictured.

Hood installed and painted.

Heat extractor option (under hood view)

Heat extractor view (rear view) and open element intake option. (under view)

Under-hood view with Conical/K&N option.

Default Grill Mesh Style (If you do not choose Street Scene Inserts)

Graham is the owner and is willing to work out a deal with everyone in this group buy, once the minimum number of people confirm 100% to buying a hood he will release a discount code that only this GB can use.

As of right now the discounted group buy prices are listed below. (Optional SS Inserts is N/A until Street Scene contacts Graham back.)

Hood Pricing
*SRT Hood WITHOUT heat extractors:
--SRT Hood....................$545.00
--Optional "SS" Grill Insert....N/A

*SRT Hood WITH heat extractors:
--SRT Hood....................$595.00
--Optional "SS" Grill Insert....N/A

Freight Discount
*Freight shipping is required due to large object. Graham can ship 2 hoods at once allowing two people that live near one another to split the cost of shipping. Having it shipped to a commercial address will save you $85. Otherwise the fee to have the hoods shipped to a residential address is an additional $85 to the shipping quote.

Shipping Info
*Finding a shipping buddy in your local area will help tons in shipping costs, If you do have a shipping buddy then put this information in the comment box when submitting the order. Let Graham know the address to ship your hood, and he will charge each person 50% shipping.

*He does ship to Canada and can also have it shipped to a border address so you can come pick it up in the states (if you choose to)

*For a quote on shipping I will need to know the address or zipcode and if it's commercial or residential.

*Graham said that a local pick-up can be arranged if needed. The address to his shop is: 3612 US 19, Marble, NC, 28905-8409.

*First ordered/first shipped, normally they can get a hood delivered in about two weeks but this will depend on how busy they are and how far the hood has to travel, he will advise customers on expected delivery time at the time of ordering.

Street Scene "SS" Grill Insert Option(s)
*Graham is contacting Street Scene to find out if he can buy material in bulk and install it in the hoods for the people that CHOOSE to have it. If you don't want it you don't have to buy it. If you do want it a small fee will be added to cover the cost of the material.

*If he is able to get the material, 3 finishes will be offered.
Brushed Aluminum, Black Chrome, and Chrome.

*If you want "SS" Inserts please let me know what type of finish you want. This will allow me to give graham a estimate on how much to order "if" he can get the mesh.

*If you already have a section of material you want used for the grill mesh you would need to mail it to "Moore Performance Products" marked ATTN GRAHAM, and tape your name to the section, He will match
your info to your order sheet and email a confirmation.

Finalizing your order!
Before submitting your order using his website. Please make sure you choose the correct options you want with your hood. Options are below. Please read and choose what applies to you.

Also make sure to use the Comment box to include the GB Code, and any other info he may need. IE: 2 hoods going to one address, supercharger info, ect.

1. Do you want heat extractors on your hood? Yes or No?

2. What color of decals do you want? (Comes free with hood) Red, Yellow, Silver, Black, Chrome?

3. Do you want your hood to work with a Cold air intake setup or the stock airbox? If so choose the "Yes, I have a K&N or conical type filter" This will allow the air to flow to the passenger side engine bay.

4. Do you want your hood to work with an open element/round type filter that sits on-top of the throttle body? If so choose the "No, I do not have a conical type filter" This will allow the air to come directly through the front.

5. Do you have a supercharger? If so use the comment box to let Graham know what type of system you have and if you need the hood to fit around it.

6. Do you have an underhood light? Yes or No, this will let Graham know if he needs to drill the mounting spots for the stock light location.

7. Use the comment box at checkout for any other details Graham may need to know as in special requests, multiple hoods going to one address, ect.

Other questions?
Please view the following post before asking any questions as they might have been answered already.

If your question is not on the lists, ask and I will shoot Graham an email for an answer.

Confirmed buyer list (will only add people that are 100% sure)
1. User (Chris Henderson) - ss brushed aluminum. TX 75063 Commercial (BUDDY)
2. Bob97sst (BoB) - ss black chrome, TX 75063 Commercial (BUDDY)
3. gofastgrey (Kevin Peacock) - ss supplying, CA 93003 Commercial (BUDDY)
4. sixfootface - ss black chrome, CA 93003 Commercial (BUDDY)
6. Devilsdodge - ss , NY 99408 (looking for buddy)
7. Special ED's RT - ss black chrome, NJ Commercial (looking for buddy)
8. 99408kotar/t - ss brushed aluminum, IN, NW Indiana, 46307 Commercial (looking for buddy)
9. xbxjunkie - ss chrome, NNJ ------ Commercial (looking for buddy)
10. kaptaink - ss brushed alum, Bowling Green KY 42104 Commercial (Looking for buddy)

People Interested with SS finish, and State Info (to be used to find others near you for shipping discounts)
1. Confirmed
2. Kryp2nite - ss brushed, MI, Commercial
3. Warrior Poet - ???
4. Confirmed
6. Confirmed
7. Bad_Banana - TX, Dallas Fort Worth
8. metalsrfr - ss chrome, TX
9. Blaze10 - ???
10. huskerrt79 - ss black chrome, NC
11. Madmike05 - ss black chrome, NY, Commercial
12. Avo R/T (Pedro Silva) - ss brushed aluminum, TX south of Tyler 75925 Commercial or Residential
13. clint282cc - (price)
14. Confirmed
15. Confirmed
16. Confirmed
17. Confirmed
18. Special ED's RT - ss black chrome, NJ Commercial or Residential
19. Logikfive - NY Commercial or Residential
20. Craigslue - KS
21. SIKRT - ???
22. Confirmed
23. Matthew Cosper - ss, TX
24. rprt - Canada
25. juice03 - Canada
26. R/T48 - ss brushed aluminum, IN Residential
27. xzuberated - NC Commercial
28. 24gt - ss chrome, CO Residential
29. Dakman6704 - South East PA, NJ, DE MD or someone within say 75 mi of philly(im about 40 west), Commercial
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Did you find someone to buddy up with? If so who? I need to add them to the list. I found my buddy. So all we need is 3 more for the first batch to be sent out.

99408kotar/t wants to know if you want to split shipping with him, He is in IN. Kinda close to NY.
i was hoping Logikfive was /is in....were fairly close..if not put me on the confirmed list with looking for a buddy.i dont want to drive to indiana.sorry 99408
Thought you traded your truck for a trailblazer?
just couldnt go through with it.
I don't know what to do now, I found another guy who has one thats already been prepped and painted my color, and judging by the pics he has sent me, this one fits great, no issues as mentioned by IndyD earlier. The only thing is he's 8 hours away from me, it may be worth a days drive for me....

decisions, decisions......
Gas would be cheaper than having it painted. I'd be all over that if someone had a graphite hood somewhat in driving distance, Maybe have them meet you an hour towards you to make the drive less bearable?
i called graham today. he quoted me 120 to ship the hood to me. just one hood. an extra 20 for 2 hoods. he seems like a great dude.
Anyone know what color the hood comes to you? I noticed some hoods come black. My cervinis hood came in a white gelcoat
If you guy's can call graham and get info on shipping that would save me a lot of time, 120 doesn't seem to bad, its about the same for Texas, so i'm guessing the rest of the area around him is cheaper if not the same.

We are really close to hitting the 10x people we need to make the first batch. It would be nice if you guy's would look over the list and maybe PM people to ask if they want to split shipping. Most of the people on the list are either from Dakota-durango.com or DakotaRT.com not much from the other sites, but if you cant find them let me know and ill contact them.

A guy on customdakotas.com just said he is down and lives in Southern TX, by Galveston.
well im waiting on a shipping qoute.but im ready either way with or without a partner..after the savings to deliver to work.it prolly wouldnt be very cost effective for me to drive anywhere to go in halfes..i mean maybe 70$ cheaper but when i have to drive wherever i'll spend that on gas anyway.so when ever were ready let me know.
Yea I'm pretty much ready whenever as well. Devilsdodge do you have a Photobucket with some pics of your truck? I like how you split the color. I'm lookin at doin somethin similar. When I get this hood I was thinking of having it painted black along with the grill. Not sure if I'm doing flat black or gloss black.
Ok, ill send Graham a email, letting him know some people are ready to buy now, and we pretty much have close to 10 confirmed, I'll also ask him about the SS Insert info and if he has heard anything back from them.
Ok, ill send Graham a email, letting him know some people are ready to buy now, and we pretty much have close to 10 confirmed, I'll also ask him about the SS Insert info and if he has heard anything back from them.
When I had talked to him he said he still hadn't heard back for street scene
any word on anything??
I sent an email to him. Haven't heard back yet.
how much will I save if I was to pick it up at their shop?
how much will I save if I was to pick it up at their shop?
that what I was wanting to know if you still have to pay thrpacking/handling fee so in other word those prices that are listed are WITHOUT the shipping?:mullet:
id say write him through the contact us on his website & ask him.i dout he will charge you all the stuff.
I would guess he would charge you the $20 packaging fee since you still need to transport it one way or the other. You wouldn't want to damage it on the way home!

He must be behind schedule on the hoods. I went ahead and ordered the SRT hood on my own and he gave me a guesstimate ship date of the 1st part of last week. I wonder if he would let me in on the group buy, that would make the 10 needed for the group buy.:jester: I told him in the notes I was on a list of a group buy being put together but decided not to wait.
I can definitely get in on this. I'm getting my tax refund on the 11th and I really want one of these. What do I do if I want to get in on this?
Where in IN is Crown point? I'm down on the Ohio by Kentucky.
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