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Official Connecticut Chapter Fall Finalle Meet - Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Official Connecticut Chapter Fall Finale Meet - Sunday, October 25, 2009


Date: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Time: 12:00
Location: Hooters, Berlin Turnpike, Wethesfield, CT

The Fall Finalle is going to be the last big group meet of 2009. Each meet we have draws more and more trucks, and is always a guaranteed good time.

This event is open to all Dakota & Durango owners from Connecticut & all surrounding states. The more the merrier! We hope to also have either club stickers or dash plaques depending on the potential turnout this year!!

The day will consist of lunch at Hooters, usually followed up by group photos and Hooters girls shots. The agenda will also include a group discussion on ideas for the 2010 year and other group interests! GET INVOLVED!

Please let me know if you plan on coming, and if you're bringing a guest. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know!

As always, 21+ to drink - drink responsibly. We do not condone driving under the influence and/or wreckless driving.​


- Justin (JBert)
- Collin (03 Dakota)
- Alex (ALipper)
- Six Pak
- Shimarra - DakotaUSA
- 19dakota87 - DakotaUSA
- Walt - CTRedneck - DakotaUSA
- Kyle (Fuller)
- Will.
- Wren - DakotaUSA
- Jeff - burningrubber01
- Morsedak07
- BlakesLifted
- Tim - Gunner13
- Slow97Dakota
- LB3711
- Will.
- 19dakota87 - DakotaUSA
- Moparkid88
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If anyone has CB, the meet channel will be 17.
What time are people planning on leaving anyways?
i live in newfairfield ... one town north of danbury and i fly out of oxford
:) and i dont mind rolling with an alti lol we can meet at the mobil or the little diner thing there soo ya lets do it. monroe is a big hike lol i would but its way far out of the way sorry alex but if u want to meet me at exit 10 at the diner that time we could then meet him at exit 16 ... im def down for that
what time you guys meeting up? i live right at 17 on 84, so does walt, we might be able to meet up with you too
well, to make it easy meeting up, if the guys meeting up in danbury hop off of exist 17, there is a commuter lot across from the exit we could all meet up at to make it easier, so we don't have to keep stopping at every exit lol.
well we can meet u at exit 17 but i need to pick up will and alex on the way there... but exit 17 sounds good
... gimme all ur cell numbers ... and what exit u want to meet at ... my cell is 203 300 8696
you got one again?
mine is 203-518-0463
i'll head to the lot around 11:drive:
i dont mind lol.
now i need to get a hold of walt....
thats what it's sounding like. post your cell number though so if anything changes...
ya exit 17 at 11:15 post ur cell number so i can call u if anything changes ... mine is already up there so if ur gonna be late u can call us.... soo where is the park and ride at exit 17? we could always do chase parkway exit 18 too if that might be easier ... just a thought
if you miss it getting ff of 17 your blind.
come down the ramp, stay left, go straight through the light and brake before you hit the trees at the end of the lot lol
just to confirm
it is the commuter parking lot at the end of the 84 EAST ramp. next to the overpass.
didn't like that one...
the drumsticks were better this time thats for sure lol
i still remember that, we were all looking for mouse, then he walks in, starts to say something and she just pulls him over and he is too confused to object
i agree... last meet at least the girls had bigger fun bags.. although.. i did get the short one with really long blonde hair to talk about anal... haha
wow seriously?
wtf did she say?
and I think I am in lust with the girl in your avatar haha
1 - 11 of 360 Posts
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