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Official Connecticut Chapter Fall Finalle Meet - Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Official Connecticut Chapter Fall Finale Meet - Sunday, October 25, 2009


Date: Sunday, October 25, 2009
Time: 12:00
Location: Hooters, Berlin Turnpike, Wethesfield, CT

The Fall Finalle is going to be the last big group meet of 2009. Each meet we have draws more and more trucks, and is always a guaranteed good time.

This event is open to all Dakota & Durango owners from Connecticut & all surrounding states. The more the merrier! We hope to also have either club stickers or dash plaques depending on the potential turnout this year!!

The day will consist of lunch at Hooters, usually followed up by group photos and Hooters girls shots. The agenda will also include a group discussion on ideas for the 2010 year and other group interests! GET INVOLVED!

Please let me know if you plan on coming, and if you're bringing a guest. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know!

As always, 21+ to drink - drink responsibly. We do not condone driving under the influence and/or wreckless driving.​


- Justin (JBert)
- Collin (03 Dakota)
- Alex (ALipper)
- Six Pak
- Shimarra - DakotaUSA
- 19dakota87 - DakotaUSA
- Walt - CTRedneck - DakotaUSA
- Kyle (Fuller)
- Will.
- Wren - DakotaUSA
- Jeff - burningrubber01
- Morsedak07
- BlakesLifted
- Tim - Gunner13
- Slow97Dakota
- LB3711
- Will.
- 19dakota87 - DakotaUSA
- Moparkid88
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I'll be there.
trying to get my truck ready... money's tight... i NEED a roll pan, looks stupid lowered with a dented up bumper lol.

should be fun, hope to see some nice trucks.
anyone have a rollpan?
haha, im getting one soon, just need to sell my hi-lift jack.
thought i wasnt going to be able to make it to the meet, truck has been acting up.

Should be fine now.
oh, and i might drive up with a mustang.
Like hell you will.:sorry::funny:
I also have a Grille Guard for a GenII i can let go for $20
Good News!

Finally got the headlight switch and harness. FOR FREE haha, friend needed me to pick up a hood for him at the JY, so i spotted a new arrival dakota and it had the switch. $25. Also for a 5-finger discount, i got new sun visors.
what junkyard?
Novella's in Danbury.
its not going to rain, so no worries! snow..... eh maybe haha it is New England!

After loosing on the dyno yesterday, I have decided I need more more power :)
be grateful you don't have a 2.5 :huh:

My mom needed me to drive 35 minutes to pick up a dresser. She swore it was small and i wouldnt have to take off my tonneau cover. Well, after you take off a vinyl cover in the cold, it aint going back on. I tried to get it back on, cracked the shit out of it.

SOOOO.... im showing up to the meet, with my scratched as-fuck bed showing :woot:
will where are u at ... close to danbury? cuz i was wondering if someone from my area wanted to do alittle kinda cruise up there.... alex thanks .... i think i may ditch the tonneau soon and maybe get a trifold or something ... does anyone have headers or exhaust manifolds for a 5.2 magnum?
I live in Danbury.
i can meet you at exit 10 mobil sure, around 11?
ok, burningrubber, ill meet you at shell at exit 5 then? like 10:30? It'll be me and my friend in his car.

and im bringing my hi-lift jack, and maybe a grille guard.

Oh, anybody making stickers? Dakota-Durango; Connecticut Chapter?
justin is making stickers... what kinda car and what color? lol ill be the loud as fuck red dakota with the black fiberglass tonneau& just to be offical were taking 84
04 true blue GT.

ill be the slammed/loud dakota xD.
Mine's pretty loud... but it's a 2.5 :(
mine's just a cherrybomb dumped before the axle.
you guys will never guess my name.
Oh, and my friend wont be able to take his mustang.. he needs to take his Audi A4 "commuter" car..

just FYI.
i NEED a Roll pan and wheels...

but i has no money =[
gonna be pretty hard to find those with no money lol

it really is haha.

anyways, put my new switch in and decided to leave the O/D off button f i ever need it for a switch or something.
1 - 20 of 360 Posts
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