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I'll start with the fact I'm new to the forum and new to working on Dodge products.I have a 2000 Durango.The check engine light came on so I had the codes read and it came up p0171.I was told this was caused by a bad o2 sensor.I replaced the upstream sensor.So comes the problem the vehicle is still getting horrible fuel milage and the code keeps popping up.So today I went to autozone and their computer said 2 upstream o2 sensors required so I had a new o2 odered and come home and crawl under the Durango and go over the exhuast and only find the sensor before and after the cat.I have come to the conclusion that their info is wrong or am I.My question is is there more than 2 O2 sensors or not?Also what else could cause this code?Any info would be great.Thanks in advance
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