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1997 dodge dakota 4x4 5.2 nv3500
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did some abusive off roading/mudding i’m my dakota the other day wjth some buddies.

clutch dumps, banging limiter, and just straight abuse…

the truck has 2 problems:

1. the truck jumps and shakes when you’re starting in first, and i can feel a vibration in the steering wheel, i think it might be the rear end

2. the transmission grinds really bad when the clutch pedal is pressed and also has a constant grinding ESPECIALLY when i push the clutch in. also whenever i push the clutch in i can feel the clutch/pressure plate assembly bounce back off of each other it’s kind of hard to explain. i’m guessing this is a throughout bearing

i replaced the entire clutch assembly, bearings, and hydraulics about a year ago, any thoughts?
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