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True Horsepower said:
Anyone set a sheet of drywall into it at all? I think that's the only reason we have the truck as we are remodeling our house...lol.

HaHa good luck on that one though :jester: durangos are roomy inside, but not in that way.

we have a 99 durango w/ the 5.2L and its been an overall great rig for us. one thing that I'm sure you might have read on the boards is that just like the dakatoas is that the front end components need attention around 100k so when your shopping around be sure to ask if any of that stuff has been replaced. just keep that stuff greased if you live in a dusty climate.

This summer we drove our durango from AK through canada to washington state across to the midwest, then back out to WA and back through canada again. no problems whatsoever :biggthump We kept changing the the fluids en route were we could and replaced the shocks :)

Try doing that with a ford or chevy :joke:
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