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Well hello fellow canadians and durango owners :wave: Just thought i'd give some thoughts here as well. I bought my durango a little over 2 years ago, and i love it. I went with the 4.7 engine. Mine is a 2000 so i obviously got the rack and pinion steering.

On to the models. Like said above, the sport models are pretty well basic and got the least amount of options. The SLT+, i beleive each year they added more and more. Stuff like leather, the woodgrain, chrome interior door handles i think started in 00, heated leather and powered both front seats in 01. Stuff like that. The RT's came with the 360 and AWD, sport suspension, and 17's, and different leather interior. Someone with an RT will be able to elaborate more on this.

couple more sites for info are: www.dodgetalk.com & www.canadodge.com

Good luck with your purchase :biggthump
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