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well i have a 99 5.9l slt 4x4 w/leather and i love it except for my wife blew the transfer case adapter twice and no one knows what really happened to it. my wife blew it first while i was in korea then we got it out of the shop and i was driving to d.c and it blew again the day after we got it out the shop the first time. but after the second time we have had no trouble with it excet the shop didnt weld up my y pipe right and now i need a new y pipe. but it s got plenty of power alot of space we fold the third row seat down and i got a set of 10 in a box and the x-large dog kennel still fits with room for bags in the back. the 4x4 works great but on wet roads 2 wheel drive isnt that great ,ass keeps wanting to go around, part time 4 wheel drive solves the problem. i towed 2,700 lbs with it and had no troubles. help that helps
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