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Hi all
First time poster but long time reader of the forums here.

First off wanna say thanks to everyone who posts here with advice and know-how, you have helped me out a whole lot with my 99 Durango.

Ok so to the point i have an after market stereo into Durango had it in there for about 3 month works perfectly never had an issue till about a week ago where I turned on the truck and the stereo has no power t all running to it.
Now i read a lot about checking out the fuses and how the one under the black plastic powers interior lights rear wipers and radio. So i replaced said fuse with a brand new one ( by the way never lost power to the int lights or the wiper but still works perfect)
in the also replaced the 10a fuse that the 'radio' one.
Still nothing.
So next I took the whole head unit out and put in the stock unit, again no power.
I'm kinda at a loss on what to try next. Any Ideas guys?

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Check the ground wire, did you splice it into the dash kit harness or cob it up some otherway? Try wiggling the 10a radio fuse while the key is on, ive seen the terminals overtime spread and causes the radio to stop working as u describe

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The Dakota stereo system has TWO fuses. One for Radio One and the other is for Power Amp. I had a similar problem. I couldnt understand why the HU would power up but no tunes. A week earlier, my sub went out. So I cranked-up the bass slider control and it blew the amp fuse. I checked the radio fuse and it was good. I was scratching me head. Scanning the fuses, I saw "power amp" fuse.........and Bingo was his name-o!!!
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