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No muffler 4.7 opinions video inside

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I'd like to get your opinion on how this sounds. There is an idle, accel, and flyby in the vid.

Dakota 4.7 muffler delete: http://youtu.be/JOcAp_l_QMY

IMO I like it, its not abnoxiously loud but it definitely is much louder. The tone is good no popping on decel. Can't really think of a reason to buy a performance muffler. I live in FL so no emissions tests worries.
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I run mine with an open dump all the time and love it
Yeah I'm really impressed. I might just dump it before axle or do duals behind the rear tires
Mine is along side the transmission
I honestly like my exhaust. Gibson headers, spintech 3" y-pipe on back to a 3" DNA muffler dumped in front of the rear end.

Sounds mean. I like the way it sounds running no muffler. Would like to run maybe 2.5 duals out the back but maybe that's overkill. Maybe 2 1/4 duals is enough.
What do you think is best for low end torque?
3in from headers back. single exit. the reason you dont want a dual is because of flow, more bends and more pipes for the gas to go through equals less torque....UNLESS you have true dual and no ypipe.

My truck is still a work in progress and i was cheap like you and all i have at the moment is intake, gibson shorty headers and i took off the exhaust after the first resonator. Now I love the sound BUT im running rich and my frame before the axle is BLACK! lol I will be purchasing a magnaflow y-pipe and 3in single exit cbe come the new year
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