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Im getting no shift from 2 -3 at wot. If I lift my foot just a bit it wil shift but drops back down if you floor it again. Its NOT the tv cabel have been all over that with no luck. Shift govenor and pressure switch maybe??? Tranny only has about 20k on it since a full rebuild. Previous owner said its done it since they rebuilt it and the tranny shop is saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tranny. Any ideas?

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Mine did the same thing over this past year. I went as far as having the transmission overhauled because the dealership said the clutch plates were worn and slipping. Got my truck back from them and it still done it......turns out my TV cable was off about 3/16" You think the stealership would of looked there!? After 6 months of frustration.....I fixed it myself in a matter of seconds! I guess if you already checked that route...try cleaning or replacing the TPS, that will cause shifting problems also. Did you check and make sure your fluid is up? Here's a quote from when I posted my tranny problem:

WicKed R/T said:
I contacted wayne at APS transmission about the same problem and here's what he had to say:

"My educated guess is that you have a bad inner seal on the direct drum… (Very Common!) Which causes low engagement pressures on the 3rd gear from a 2-3 Upshift and/or a 4-3 Downshift… in turn the bad seal leads to the SLIP & Screech… You didn’t mention How Many Miles you have… That might be helpful however I have replaced transmissions with as low as 27K miles with this issue… Actually it was a Chrysler F-Up that they will never admit to… Wayne"

Well hope any of this helps in some way :biggthump
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