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fatmat789 said:
I have a few questions about nitrous oxide. I don't know much about it and I would like to learn some. But if I was to purchase like a Nitrous Express Kit, would I need to buy anything else? Or would I just mount the bottle, run the tubes/wires, and just plug them in? I also heard you can blow up your engine by using it.....is that true?

And last, I heard that by using nitrous oxide, it takes the life of your engine down. Is that true? Thanks,

Anybody who runs N2O in their vehicle should run colder plugs such as the Autolite 3922 (2 steps colder than stock) or 3923 (1 step colder) series. You should also run higher octane fuel to prevent detonation whenever possible (I run 100 octane pump gas at the track). If you are going to use bigger shots such as 100/125/150 in your R/T (especially with an upgraded PCM) it's recommended that you pull a couple of degrees of timing with some sort of ignition device - the MSD Digital 6+ comes highly recommended.

The NX Gen X kit will help you go a bit faster by providing a bottle heater to keep the pressure in the tank up where it should be and a purge solenoid so you're injecting the denser liquid stuff instead of heated gas. Not required for operation.

Otherwise the base NX kit for Dodge EFI vehicles will include everything you need to get started except the liquid N2O - you'll need to get that filled at a local speed shop.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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