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Hey y'all! Name's Alicia....


I join you guys from the Hampton Roads/NC area of the neighborhood.

I have a 2004 Quad Cab 3.7L in Patriot Blue and Silver. She's my baby... she's pushing 150K miles. :) and still purrs like a kitten. Only major repair I've had to do on her is the water pump.

3/5 drop with shackles and front coils
20" DVinci black and chrome wheels
custom installed sound system
limo tint on back doors and solid glass
FastMan TB
custom painted handles and mirrors to match body color
custom painted fiberglass wiper cowl
billet grill
Sir Michaels roll pan
back up camera
Fire and Ice light bar

look forward to slinking around the forum checking things out!

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Oooooooo it's a GRRRRRRLLLLLLL! :D

A girl with an awesome truck to boot!

Welcome to the circus! :wave:

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I like the look of the truck, nice and clean looking, welcome to the site
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