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Anyone have the particulars on this TSB?

TSB# 08-015-05 -- POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE INITIALIZATION -- Issued on-2005-03-02

Heres the story:

On Tuesday my check engine light came on. Took it to the dealership. Code put out was P0499. They replaced the Leak Detection Pump part#4891427-AB Description=Detector 14073007. Light was off when I left. The next day, aprox 150 miles later, the light comes on again. So back to the dealership I went (different one this time). They checked it and told me they had to order a Module. So, today I take it back as they have the part. And this is when I find out they had ordered a new Powertrain Control Module. When I get home I looked at the paperwork and under cause they list TSB. So I went online and found the above, but it has no explanation. Can anyone help with that.
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