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So the time has come again to get some new tires for the D and the wife and I have decided to get some taller tires, but how much am I going to have to worry about it changing my speedo?

I have the OE tire size 235/70/15 ( or if you convert the numbers 28x9.25) on there now and I want to go to a 31x10.5 which is a difference of almost 10% ?

So if I was driving 55 the speedo would tell me 50... and for every mile I drive the odometer would show 9/10th of a mile? Is this correct?

also without investing in a programer is there anything that could correct my speedo? like a visit to the dealership normally I wouldn't give a shait for driving around in state, but we are driving the D across country this summer and tracking our milage from point to another is alittle bit more important in the overall scheme of figuring out where we are at anyu given time.

Any thoughts about this?

(or opinions... :slap: )

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check out www.1010tires.com
This place will give you your speedo difference and it looks like you will have a difference of - stock tires 60mhp ; new tires will be 54.1mph.
Hope that helps and let me know about how much the dealer charges for the speedo programming change.
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