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New Steering Gear, Tires Rub.
After replacing my 98 Durango steering gear, the front of the front tires rub on the frame when turning (right tire rubs on the frame when turning a sharp left, and vice versa). It's like the new steering gear allows more steering "travel left and right.
Original rims, original size tires, so they're not the issue. I looked in the OEM repair manual and I see any adjustment that affects the turning stop points. Any help is appreciated.

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Sure sounds like you have the wrong steering gearbox.

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1. Is the steering wheel straight when wheels are straight? If not:
If not, turn steering wheel to set wheels straight and remove
intermediate shaft at gear and realign steering wheel, 4wd only.
If 2wd, loosen jam nuts on tie rod ends and adjust Rt side in
and Lt side out. Also make sure steering wheel is straight.
Make sure to have truck aligned when done. Good Luck
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