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I never thought id have to make a post hoping that someone would have the same problem but here we are, i have a 2007 dodge dakota 3.7 4wd that came with the 3.92 rear gears but about a year ago the rear differential "blew up" and my spider gear was missing half of the teeth. i now have a the lower one, maybe 3.53? i also had the passenger side cv axle break while driving the truck without 4wd engaged, it was hanging so i just grabbed it and took it out, but today i put in 2 new axles hoping to just test the 4wd. it works, shifts into 4 low and 4 high and out of 4wd without issue, it's a bit loud like a whirring noise but i assume that's due to it being electriconic. when lifted in the air with a jack, if you spin the drivers side wheel the passenger side turns but if you try to spin the passenger side wheel the entire wheel will lock up like the vc axle is locking in place. the problem is when i put it into 4wd the passenger side cv axle i guess binds up? i don't know what to call it. the entire wheel locks in place and pressing the case makes it hop and skip, if anyone has ideas as to what could be the problem i'd appreciate it.
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