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First post.....Bought '99 Durango about 1 month ago. Absolutely love this truck, the styling and performance is superb compared to all of the others I've driven or owned. I think mine is an SLT plus, has 5.2 but larger tires than others. My family is expanding by one, and I really needed the space.

I have heard so many complaints about these vehicles that I could vomit. Any vehicle will only be as good as it is treated. There are defective parts from time to time, but if the vehicle is solid it is worth every penny spent. I feel that this truck is first class all the way. I'll probably be hitting up the group from time to time for tech questions since I have not owned a Chrysler product in a very long time. Mine has high miles, but I plan on keeping it for awhile. Will get photos up later as well.
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