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Posted this in the wrong forum, hope someone can give me an idea on this one. It does seem that the sound occurs for left and right turns.

Need some help. I replaced the rotors on my 99 kota and rechecked everything again a couple of days ago and found nothing apparently wrong. However when I make sharp left turns in parking lots, etc, I hear what sort of sounds like a rubbing of the treads against something. Examining the tire doesn't reveal any rubs, etc. The pads were fine so I didn't replace anything but the rotors (since I first tried resolving with just pads and learned that wasn't the problem.) I snugged the allen bolts down, but again can see nothing wrong.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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I think when ever you have to replace to rotors with new ones you all so have to use new brake bades so there matched, what type of rotor? Was it an after market one or an OEM one?
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