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2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7L V8 Magnum Project Truck
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Bought this 02 Dak as a project truck a few months ago for cheap, was used as a farm beater for a year so the paint has a lot of small scratches and some dents on the bed, but a steal for what I paid. Was bone stock inside and out when I bought it. Got some bad rust in the back fenders and some on the cab corners, the plan is to get a whole new bed eventually. Right now I'm putting new drilled and slotted brake rotors, new brake lines, new master cylinder, new exhaust, level, and some other little trinkets. Got a couple 6 inch light bars in the bumpers with some cheap blue accent lighting too. Working on a custom grille now and probably will get new headlights and color match the bumpers at some point. Next time it needs new tires I hope to get something a bit bigger, or at least with some decent tread on the stock rims (which I want to paint a hammered dark gray). It's a budget build so not gonna be too fancy, but I hope to do some cool stuff to it.

Once some of my orders come in and I get some stuff done I'll start a thread for it with more pics and info, keep an eye out!
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