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Hello everybody, I am a recent convert from Tacoma to a new 06 Dakota Quad Cab with 3.7L V6. We do camping trips to Appalachians and as the family got bigger, we grew out of the Tacoma. After shopping around different brands, the new Dakota was a clear winner size/price wise. So far I haven't done any mods to the truck, only very simple experimenting with air filters and gas mileage. When I bought the vehicle my combined city/hwy mileage was about 16.5 mpg. Then I replaced the original Goodyear Eagle touring tires with Michelin LTX M/S tires and got an ARE camper shell that weighs about 180lb. With these my mileage dropped below 15 mpg.

The first mileage improvement that I thought about was, of course, to replace the air filter. I considered K&N filters but after reviewing the filter test for GM Duramax diesels (http://home.usadatanet.net/~jbplock/ISO5011/SPICER.htm) it didn't seem such a great idea. Then, after some more web-research, I found Amsoil EaA filters (http://www.amsoil.com/StoreFront/eaa.aspx). These are based on Donaldson nanofibers that are used, amongst the other things, on Abrams tanks in Iraq. Based on Donaldson literature (http://www.donaldson.com/en/filtermedia/support/datalibrary/003313.pdf) this seems pretty serious filtering technology that has nearly HEPA filtering capabilities without compromising the air flow.

So, long story short, I expected a modest mpg improvement...but my mileage went to 17.4 MPG, which is better than it was without the camper top and the M/S tires! I can hardly wait to see what my highway mileage will be.

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Thanks for mentioning

AMSOIL Ea Filters with Ea Media Nanofiber Technology

AMSOIL Absolute Efficiency Ea Air Filters with Nanofiber Technology for Automotive and Light Truck Applications. A premium, high efficiency air filter utilizing nanofiber technology with a four year/100,000 mile service life guarantee and superior air flow. Positioning itself to be a world class leader in filtration, the AMSOIL Ea Filter is incomparable in both design and performance.

In lab testing Ea media with nanofibers removed 5 times more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50 times more dust than the average wet gauze media.

Ea media also has 3 times the airflow of cellulose filters and is equal to wet gauze filters at the very low 0.5 inches of restriction. The proprietary Ea media held 15 times more dust than the average wet gauze type filter.

In short, AMSOIL Ea Filters offer superior performance in the three critical performance benchmarks of efficiency, flow and capacity.

Fact: A nanofiber is less than one micron in diameter. A human hair is 80 microns.

Nanofiber Filter Media

- Traps sub-micron size particles on the nanofiber surface
- Prevents particles from lodging in the filter media depth

What are the Benefits?

- Extends service intervals through increased Capacity
- Better Capacity than wet cotton gauze or cellulose
- Offers a high level of engine protection though Efficiency
- Better Efficiency than wet cotton gauze or cellulose
- Highest Efficiency rating in the industry
- Maintains high permeability or Flow through it life cycle
- Advanced “Cleanable” properties and attributes (reusable)
- Priced competitive with great income potential
- 100,000 mile AMSOIL guarantee / Extended Service Intervals
- Cost effective / Reduced operation costs
- OEM Certified Fitment
- Elimination of potential OEM warranty issues

Please visit my AMSOIL FORUM on this website.

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DetroitGTX said:
very good and all... quite a nice product.

But, how much does it cost?

Of course they are pricier than our AMSOIL SDF Filters, but I prefer NOT quoting prices in a FORUM due to the fact the prices could change and then the information posted would be out of date. However, if you would like additional information (including prices) regarding the AMSOIL Ea Filters with Ea Media Nanofiber Technology, I would be happy to send you a FREE AMSOIL CATALOG.
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